IWARI is the Conscious Party Emcee on a mission to make hip hop an accessible genre for any type of listener.

Iwari grew up in the 90’s a time when hip hop was synonymous with pop and mainstream culture. Influential artists such as 2pac, Eminem, The St. Lunatics, Ludacris, and Outkast inspired him to start rapping at age seven. His poetic verses, versatile production, and candid delivery style adds to the legacy of hip hop worldwide.

A true “American Citizen” IWARI claims not one but three major US cities as home. He was Born in St. Louis while living in New York then moved to LA and consistently rotated between all three with a dash of Mississippi. Growing up with exposure to such different regions in the US allowed IWARI to see that there is more that unites us than divides us.

IWARI grew up playing violin, piano, saxophone and guitar which led him to making his own beats which he calls R.E.A.L.strumentals. He has become respected in the underground hip hop and poetry scene releasing three projects so far. The three projects represent his growth from a raw young talent to a seasoned performer sharing his experience with the audience.

Iwari has recently been focused on releasing singles as he builds his fan base, but promises to drop an album or two that will change the world in Twentygreatteen (2018).

Outside of rap music IWARI is into fitness having lost 100 lbs to become a better performer, science and technology, and all sorts of art and entertainment. He is always one to dive deep on the latest tech, news, music, or movies he loves having interesting conversations with new people!

Recently IWARI has donned an alter ego “NeoGlitch” who spits “serious” subject matter such as his latest release “Reparations!” Flashes of this side of his personality can be seen emerging in songs on his first album “The R.E.A.L.”

He currently lives in LA where he pursues his dream.

Taken during the ascap expo 2017 on a late night adventure with @bigstinkingog (ig)