#FBF Get Smashed

One of my first anthems and probably the reason i still rap today is this joint right here. Full of complex flows, hard party energy, and braggadocio I can definitely still back up!

Reparations are here!

My people I give to you Reparations! This song is about exactly what it says American descendants of slavery deserve to be paid reparations and why!

Reparations is more than a song its a lyrical essay and it’s jamming! It’s a heavy record with a lot of real talk and a grooving beat that will have you moving. This is the realest hip hop song I have ever made. I put so much of myself into this song. I made it to start a conversation amongst my generation that can lead to righting the greatest wrong done to humanity: American Slavery.

As a descendant of Mississippi I had to speak on this. This song is about RESPECT! Whites listen to this and put some respect on our name, Immigrants listen to this and put some respect on our name, American descendants of Slavery listen to “Reparations” and put some respect on your own name.