IWARI’s goal is to make the world a better place through positive hip hop music. His rhymes are inspired by love of life and will unify people from all walks of life as he elevates things we all go through to Rock Star Status! Having battled with suicide and depression when his Father passed at age 15 music helped IWARI through to brighter times.

“Sometimes it’s hard to find a person who can relate to what you are going through, but i learned early in life there is usually a song about it!” -IWARI

Heavy Southern Trap, Bay Area Slang, New York Lingo, and Midwest Swing influences all wrap up in one package, making IWARI more versatile than duct tape . He will hold you down just the same, when you hear ” IWARI on the track!” You know its about to get lit!

Iwari grew up in the 90’s a time when hip hop was synonymous with progress and mainstream culture, yet had a an emerging gangsta edge. Influential artists such as 2Pac, inspired him to start rapping at age seven. IWARI’s Poetic verses, versatile production, candid delivery style, multiple voices, various flows, and bold subject matter help IWARI Standout.

A true “American Citizen” IWARI  was Born in St. Louis while living in New York City then moved to LA and consistently rotated between all three with a dash of Mississippi. Growing up with exposure to such different regions in the US allowed IWARI to see that there is more that unites us than divides us. He searches for the common themes that bind us all while writing music. An only child, sometimes IWARI does forget not everybody is always down with EVERYTHING he loves lol.

A former member and Teaching Assistant for USC’s Trojan Marching Band TMB Tenors IWARI grew up playing Saxophone, violin, piano, and guitar. He started making beats with friends over the summers,  which led him to make his own unique sound. He has become respected in the LA underground hip hop and poetry scene releasing three projects so far and shining in mad rap battles with heart. His three projects The Pregame, IWARI, and The R.e.a.l. represent his growth from a raw young talent to a seasoned performer sharing his experience with the audience. Currently IWARI is working on several albums, a kids book, a fitness book, and other writings he plans to release.

The highlight of his Music Career before rap was performing at the BET AWARDS in 2010 alongside Ludacris, Nicki Minaj, Dj Khaled, T-pain, Ludacris, Bustah Rhymes, Travis Barker, Diddy and more (song starts around 2:30 as we march out). All of these artists happen to be major musical influences looking back its one of those aha moments that lets me know I should be doing rap at all. There is a large black trumpet on the right thats me (even though I play sax usually) USC still uses the chart for the All I do is Win Remix at football games.  

Outside of rap music IWARI is into fitness, science, video games, card games, art, tv, movies, parties and technology. He is always one to dive deep on the latest tech, news, music, or movies and loves having deep interesting conversations with new people!

He currently lives in LA where he pursues his dreams.


Taken during the ascap expo 2017 on a late night adventure with @bigstinkingog (ig)