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Hard Copies ($19.99)


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Get an original first edition, signed hard copy CD from Iwari himself. The ultimate must have for collectors and art aficionados. This printing is limited to 1000 copies and is the ultimate proof once Iwari is a household name that you were here first.

A Jewel case contains both “The R.E.A.L.” and “IWARI” EP inside while supplies last.

“The R.E.A.L.” Album ($9.99)


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Iwari deciding to keep his flow clean for broader appeal shows out on “The R.E.A.L.” with a broad variety of subjects and genre crossing soundscapes. Including party jams, thought-provoking dialog, motivational music, and braggadocio “The R.E.A.L.” is sure to have something for all true hip hop lovers.

The Realstrumentals ($9.99)the-realstrumentals-album-art

Buy Now Button “The R.E.A.L.” being entirely self-produced is something Iwari takes pride in releasing the instrumental version of the album  As “The Realstrumentals”. “Dr Hyde (Remix)” featuring Mark Cargill, Grammy award-winning violinist from Los Angeles and “Little Black Dress” featuring Iwari himself on saxophone lead the pack.

The “IWARI” EP ($4.99)


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Iwari took a more conscious approach to his first EP approaching more complex subjects such as love and self-identity as well as sharing more personal experiences with his listeners. Standout tracks “Fallout” and “Sunday Morning Hangover” illustrate his unique humor and point of view.

“The Pregame” Mixtape (Free)



Inspired by west coast college life this unfiltered sonic journey will introduce you to Iwari a versatile emcee who loves partying and telling it like it is. You’ll want to add tracks such as “Get Smashed” or “The Pregame” to your personal party playlist stat!