IWARI is a musical rapper, producer (aka Grandmaster, Iwari on the Track, NeoGlitch, or #Morphius), a saxophonist, a composer and an actor.

IWARI released his first rap/hiphop single “NBA” in May, 2011 and his first mixtape “The PreGame” that December.  He also released an EP titled “IWARI” (2012) featuring heartbreak ballad “Fallout”as streaming services burst on the scene. 

Since releasing these two projects, Iwari released his debut CD “The R.E.A.L.” in 2013, which included hard hitting conscious singles like “This is that R.E.A.L.” and “Dr. Hyde”, as well as fun romps like “Home Girl Buffet”.  Since releasing these projects he has continued to release singles on Soundcloud.

IWARI is currently working on his next album, “Free Speech,” slated to be released during the summer of 2020.

IWARI is featured on various internet radio stations including Pandora and Soundcloud.  He has appeared in television commercials and the newly released Nina Simone bio-picture.

Born Iwari DeWees in Florissant, MO on May 6th while living in New York City, Iwari claims a unique childhood with his mom in St. Louis or Los Angeles and with his Dad, Donald DeWees in Harlem NYC.  His interest in music began early making sound out of anything he could pound or blow.  He began playing violin at age seven.  At age nine IWARI suffered a life changing illness that limited his physical activities until he learned to swim.  In middle school he turned to piano and the saxophone. In high school he became captain of the swim team and brought the first state championship trophy to his high school in 17 years.  He also played in the jazz and the marching bands while achieving “Life” status as a Boy Scout.

Iwari, a Certified Mechanical Engineer, graduated from USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering (2010). While at USC he was a supervising T.A. for the greatest marching band in the universe; USC’s Spirit of Troy marching band.


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