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2/21/2020 Concert DTLA

I will be performing at the Lexington 2/21/2020 in DTLA around 10PM, located at 129 E 3rd St LA CA 90013. I’ve been there myself for a few parties and performances and its always a good time. Come out to see me perform all you favorite songs and play a little saxophone live. I just want to have a good time since its been so long since i did a concert. Anybody who buys a ticket make sure to find me on social media and request a song you want to hear!

Tickets are $12 online and $15 dollars at the door, though I need online sales to guarantee my set time. BUY TICKETS HERE.

PS: IF you are an artist who wants to get added to the show or book through the company I used, CLICK HERE. I think they have a good business model that allows artists to increase their draw for low risk.

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Gotta Catch EM’ All

Recently I combined two of my great loves, making rap songs and Pokemon! Check out this live footage of me performing the song at Da Poetry Lounge in LA. Download coming soon!